This Time of Year


The holiday season has always been a favorite of mine. I love the old traditions and the making of new ones. For me it is a time to be at home—celebrating, cooking, and entertaining; but also, resting and pausing.

This time of year sits on the cusp of looking forward and reflecting backward. I find it’s worth it to spend time in those reflections, to think about what lies ahead and how to keep doing things better, smarter, easier, simpler, based on what has come before.

And what a year 2016 has been. At Aero, we moved to our new home in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington, after 24 years in Soho. We are thrilled to be here. Over the summer, Dan and I launched the first phase of our new home brand, Copper Beech, in our seaside town of Bellport, New York. We are restoring the town’s wonderful old grocery store there as a new general store in the country. This building has had its own romantic and changing life since the 1920s and we are excited to revive it as a gathering spot for our community—to build something physical and real in an age of social exchange spent mostly (I’d say excessively) on our devices and not in person.

In 2016 we met new friends and started new adventures. We lost some dear old friends far too soon.

And whatever one’s politics, this has been a year of momentous change that has come right to the doorstep of our city. New York is always at the center of our national culture, but now, it is a nexus of so many kinds of events in the larger world sphere. I am spending time this holiday thinking about that and about my relationship to the city I love. Dan reminds us, from the modern wisdom of a California perspective, that change is perpetual and oftentimes whiplash fast. Our job as designers is to temper that speed with beauty and authenticity, to make the world a comfortable place that we can welcome in, not shut out.


To all of our clients, partners, and friends, we are grateful for the opportunities to work on this mission, to make the world welcome in our homes, and beautiful to live with.

I talk constantly with my colleagues and staff about not abandoning or forgetting what has come before. Instead, we can integrate it as part of an ongoing study in the design of living. That is how we grow and manage change. And that to me is the modern life.

Every best wish for peaceful holidays in this most modern of times.